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Deep Affection and Responsibility in One Drop

Surrounded by 4000 hectares of green tea estates, we OISE Inc. is located at 300meeters above sea level, overlooking ISE BAY. “ISE-CHA” green tea leaves, harvested in the area of ISE Bay, have more than an 1000 year history and hold a 50% market share of both types of shade grown tea called“GYOKURO” and “KABUSE-CHA.” Those are differentiated products in terms of their cultivation. The leaves are covered to block out sunlight for 20 days before harvesting. This process produces more amino acid and L-theanine, forming a “mild in taste”and a “bright greenish in color,” which is not found in other products. OISE Inc., a full service Japanese green tea supplier and retailer based in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Founded in 1946 by Hisateru Tsutsumi, OISE Inc. began as a small family business that delivered tea by motorcycle. Since then we have significantly expanded our company through the Japanese domestic market the use of the latest technological innovations and quality dedication to our customers. In addition, for select products we also provide specialized packaging designed with a modern Japanese artistic motif, to portray the beauty and tranquility of Japan. These items include canisters, bottles, and gift packages that are sure to be loved by your customers. Furthermore, we have recently begun to expand into the international market, and would welcome the opportunity to introduce our product to you. By combing modern technology with traditional quality service, we feel that we could meet the supply needs of your company.